Designer Babies: Ethical Considerations

Sourced from http://www.actionbioscience.org/biotech/agar.html
Accuracy: Overall, the site is professional, free from error and well structured. There are no faults in language use, scientific or ethical reasoning. Also, actionbioscience.org have well manned editorial teams as well as a host of trained writers to peruse such topics.

Authority: The article could not come from a much higher place. The author, Nicholas Agar, holds a Ph. D and is the senior lecturer at a university. The page is also well footnoted. His list of referral resources is long and trusted.

Objectivity: As all good philosophical and scientific websites are, the author posts an array of various questions and puts evidence for multiple answers, thus eliminating bias. For some, however, this may be slightly frustrating, as there seems no clear point of view from the author.

Currency: The article was written and copyrighted in 2006.

Coverage: Agar covers an array of topics regarding the use of genetic technologies: Recent evidence procured from experiments in implanting genes in mice, screening for genetic defects, any risks involved with screening, enhancing characteristics and then onto more philosophical and ethical perspectives on the issue. Overall, these different areas were covered deeply with a minimum of bias.