Pre-Genetic Implantation Diagnosis Pros and Cons

This article was sourced from http://humangenetics.suite101.com/article.cfm/pregenetic_implantation_diagnosis_pros_and_cons
Accuracy:  As this article was published on suite101, where almost anyone can produce work, it seems likely that such a piece would be riddled with mistakes and problems. However, most of the article was free from punctuation and factual problems, with quotes taken sharply and scientific insights well delivered. Also, as the website is aimed at more ‘intelligent’ people, the subsequent ideal is to produce work that is of a high standard.

Authority: To the article’s credit, it does produce a link to the authors page; Joe Elvin is a freelance journalist who has studied at a university level and currently writes for four different newspapers in England. True, almost anyone could write such a profile, but, trusting that it is factual, these credentials are strong.

Objectivity: A lot like the previous article, there is a minimum of bias with both sides of the Designer Baby debate being represented fairly, so no discernable side is taken. In this case, real life examples of such procedures are given as well as real quotes from influential people. This creates open evidence that can be interpreted by the reader, as opposed to combating the questions raised.

Currency: The article is dated to Oct 14 2009, so all information can be accredited as up-to-date.

Coverage: Unlike the previous article, Elvin’s examines the points of view of various campaigners and scientists. It is through these sources that the Pro’s and Con’s are developed and the scientific process is laid down. Any questions and viewpoints are solely the opinion of the sources, which can, unfortunately, lead to the overall opinion of the group that they are representing, such as Dr Wei Jun Leung of Forensic Science at Bournemouth University.