4th Article


Accuracy: By far, this is the best article analysed of those featuring on this site. Congratulations to The Wall Street Journal – which holds a host of fact checkers and editors - and Gautam Naik for publishing and writing this piece, respectively. It is free from any errors, holds completely sound evidence for the Designer Babies cause as well as refraining from complete, subversive bias.

Authority: One can go no further than The Wall Street Journal for a quality source that informs and educates the reader on a topic. It is a professional, sharp site offering articles of the highest intellectual standard. The author, Naik, holds qualifications in IT and is passionate about genetics. Thus, authorship is of a high quality.

Objectivity: Although no clear opinion is held, there does seem a high emphasise on the positives of PGD (Screening for genetic defects and flaws) and quotations from leading spokespeople on how much we, as a society, would benefit from the use of PGD. Reading it, one does feel as if the author is leading us towards the Pro-Genetics side, which is a little unnerving.

Currency: The article was published in The Wall Street Journal, albeit dates for sources and the like are missing. This may be the work’s only chip in what is really a seamless article.

Coverage: The article starts, as most do, with a brief explanation of the scientific principles. From here, it delves in further to find which stage contradicts with ethical values, ways around them as well as opinions from prominent figures. The article is left in the air, open for interpretation. It is an overall brilliantly rounded piece.